Front Row Motorsports gets a huge penalty

This is bad, very bad, and in all honesty pretty damn stupid as well. The #38 team was found to have illegal tire pressure bleeder valves on their tires after the rain delay that delayed the start of last Sunday's race at teh Pocono Raceway. the penalties for such an act were severe. the potential benefit for something like this was minimal at best, and this is one of those things that teams just don't do in NASCAR. NASCAR gets very angry when teams mess with the tires, engines or fuel of the race cars competing each week.

Sure NASCAR is a lot like baseball where a lot of people have the attitude that if you’re not cheating your not trying and your not cheating till you get caught. This team got caught, and the penalty was severe. Their Crew Chief has been suspended for the next 12 races, and fined 100k. Their Car Chief and tire specialist are also off the team for the next 12 races and all are on probation until the end of the calendar year. Driver Travis Kvapil has been docked 150 driver points, and owner Doug Yates has also lost 150 owners points.

That is the one that hurts the most. Since they have lost 150 owners points this car is no longer in the top 35 of owner’s points and therefore must make the field each week based on speed. they must do so without the help of these key personnel. Not the best position to be in. While this team can appeal the ruling, the owner’s points come off the books immediately meaning they are not guaranteed in to the race this week at Michigan International Speedway.