Sacramento Mountain Lions debut new logo

It is always a little sad when we come to the end of the new logo debuts for an upstart football league. It does not seem that the Florida Tuskers will evolve their logo for year two of the United Football league, but I am sure some changes are in store for their uniforms. That means this is the last new logo we will see from the UFL this year. All in all I like what they have done for year two, even though this is probably my least favorite of all the new marks for this league.

That is not to say I hate this logo, just that it is the least favorite of the four new logos debuted by this league in 2010. For me it is a little on the boring side. When I first saw it the first thins I thought of was the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Sure there is more gold in this log, but Gold, black and white has been done. I remember the good old days of the USFL, who brought in a lot of fan attention due to their unusual color schemes and logos.

To be perfectly honest I think this league is relying too much on gold and silver. With just five teams there should be more variety. Three of the teams still have silver as a primary color, and the other two went heavy on gold. Maybe it will work, but I would have liked to see a little more imagination.

On top of that two of the teams in this five team league will feature gold helmets. I don't like that at all, and I think it is a symptom of a limited team building all of the colors for all five teams. I would have liked to see the UFL push the envelope a bit in terms of uniform design. That might sound like an insignificant argument, and it might be, it is just my first impression.

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