2010 NFL Draft in review: Baltimore Ravens

It would appear that things worked out quite well for the Baltimore Ravens, they trade out of the first round, pick up three additional picks, and land a top ten talent because the other NFL teams were afraid of his injury history. Scoring Sergio Kindle with the 43rd overall pick is a genius move. He not only fits in well with what this team is about, he gets to learn to play defense from a group that will feature at least one sure fire hall of famer. If he plays to his ability and stays healthy this was one of the best picks in the 2010 NFL Draft.

With their second pick in the second round they took another chance on DT Terrence Cody. Mount Cody, if he can stay motivated and lose a touch of weight gives this tem a potentially dominate NT to play alongside Haloti Ngata. A nasty defense might just have gotten a touch bit nastier.

In the third and fourth rounds the Ravens added a pair of TE prospects, and added another WR in the fifth. The finished up their draft with a pair of depth picks taking another DT and an OT. With all that said, let us take a look at the initial grades for the 2010 Ravens draft class:

Round Two (43)- B, it would be an a but Kindle does have an injury concern•Round Two (57)- C, Mount Cody may not have a good work ethic and that will kill him at his position in the NFL•Talent- A, They landed two potential stars•Need- C, They still have holes at CB, backup FB, and backup Center. I would have liked to see them take a corner with one of their 8 draft picks•Average- B-

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