Omaha Nighthawks debut primary logo

Ok overall I like this logo. However it has one fatal flaw, it is far to dark. If the uniforms are to based on these colors, and given the current designs of the Nighthawks’ helmets it seems this is going to be a virtually all black uniform design that will not be very fan friendly. In my opinion a uniform based on this primary logo and color scheme would have to have a lot of white accents along the sides and legs of the players to break up all of the black.

The Folks over at bring up another interesting point; this logo seems to be very similar to the defunct arena team the Kansas City Brigade. I don’t see it, that primary logo for that team was a stealth bomber, this is a stealth fighter. On top of that the KC Brigade’s colors were black and a very light blue. I am glad that the UFL chose a logo that stands apart from those used in other leagues.

The Stealth Fighter is a very appropriate moniker for a team located very near Offutt Air Force Base, and they reside in an area where many new airplanes are brought for testing. I like that they went local, and it should help tie the team to the local community. I also think this nickname and logo will be popular among young males, who are the UFL’s target audience.

Officially the colors are labeled Omaha Black, Omaha Slate, and Metallic Silver. It seems that while the UFL has evolved their uniforms from the bright neon mess they were in 2009, a good number of their teams will still feature silver as one of their primary colors.

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