Mobuzz begs audience for money to keep afloat

Spanish video blogging outfit Mobuzz is appealing to its audience for cash to stay afloat.

Mobuzz launched 4 years ago, and offers daily shows around tech and related content in three languages. The site has survived so far on a mix of advertising revenue and angel funding, but an expected round due in September didn’t happen due to the financial crisis.

Mobuzz is looking to raise €120,000 ($155,000 USD) by the weekend to keep on going. At the time of writing, Mobuzz had only managed to raise 14% of the total.

It’s always sad to see an early player such as Mobuzz in trouble, but with 16 staff, plus distribution, hosting and content delivery budgets, it’s not exactly a lean production to this point either. NewTeeVee reports that the site has pulled €250,000 in advertising this year as well.

Video message below