@IsraelGlobalPR follows @BPGlobalPR's Twitter satire meme, some people still don't get the joke

Kim LaCapria

The @BPGlobalPR account is pretty successful by Twitter standards, and it appears their t-shirt shilling effort has paid off:

It's official. We were just forced to donate $10,000 to @healthygulffrom the sales of our free $25 shirts. www.streetgiant.bigcartel.com

A sample of tweets from their Twitter feed:

Israel reveals its new "Dome" plan in order to contain Gaza and prevent Muslims from leaking out
AID is a seaborne virus emanating from Turkey, but with your support Israel can stop AID dead in its tracks
Israel is glad to report that the soldier who stubbed his toe while boarding the ship has made a full recovery
Oh no, not an international "inquiry" @AmnestyUK
Guys, "strongly condemn" and "deeply regret" seem a bit harsh, perhaps you mean "fully support Israel's actions"
looks like someone hates Jews
Memo to future peaceful activists, remember to refrain from pre-op interviews where u talk about joy of martydom & jihad
appears 2 be that some people are parodying israel's pr. rest assured we are authentic (male) voice of hamas #flotilla #gaza #israelglobalpr
Do not send us used goods. Also, please sure goods were not handled by menstruating women. No gmo's either.