2010 NFL Draft in review: Arizona Cardinals

I read a lot of draft review that are down on the Arizona Cardinals for taking risks with their later picks in the 2010 NFL draft. In my mind that is the perfect opportunity to take a risk, if it happens to not work out so what, the team will have plenty of 4th, 5th, and later round picks in the next year’s draft. On top of that there is hardly the financial commitment to a later round draft pick, like there is in the first round. Teams should take a risk here and there, especially in the later rounds.

The Cardinals scored big time with the 26th overall pick with Dan Williams of Tennessee. I am very surprised he got past the Denver Broncos twice as he is the ideal player to play NT in the 3-4 defense. In fact I am surprised some of the other teams that run this defense did not draft Williams as a good NT is hard to find in this league. With the 47th overall pick they took OLB Daryl Washington from TCU. They plan to groom in inside as a one day replacement for the departed Karlos Dansby.

In the later rounds they took O’Brien Schofield who they plan to use as a situational pass rusher in 2010, a QB project, WR Andre Brown to for depth and punt returns, and a few other various project picks. With that being said here is a look at the initial grades for the 2010 Cardinals draft class:

Round One– A, Williams fills a big hole in the middle of their D line
Round Two– B-, I am concerned about his ability to read the play faster and not bite on play fakes
•Talent- C+, It seems they may have reached for Washington even though they might have drafted him in the first
•Need- B+, they needed to work on their pass rush, and that got a few guys that can help with that

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