@BPGlobalPR’s tweets, as billboards

In the past week, the satirical account tweeting under the auspices of being public relations for British Petroleum, the company behind the massive oil spill off the coast of Louisiana, has skyrocketed to over 80,000 followers. (Tens of thousands more than the two official Twitter accounts set up by the company for disseminating information about the spill’s clean up.)

One of those followers, a blogger and graphic designer named Emily, has turned some of BPGlobalPR’s tweets into potential billboards. Below are two more, and you can see the full set on her site. Emily’s not the only New Yorker cleverly protesting BP’s anemic response to the spill- a bunch of locals descended upon the BP station in Manhattan at Houston and Lafayette last night, dressed as oil soaked sea creatures. (But as Consumerist points out, that kind of thing really only hurts the franchise owners and not the execs- plus, it could make it difficult for cabbies to ply their trade if done in Manhattan.)