United Football League to hold player draft in June

The United Football League will hold a player draft on June 2, 2010. The coaching staffs of the five UFL team’s (Las Vegas Locos, Florida Tuskers, Sacramento Mountain Lions, Hartford Colonials, and Omaha Night Hawks) will conduct the 12 round drafts. Each team will have the opportunity to draft 12 additional players. UFL rosters are set by the 20 protected players (most of who played with the league in 2009), 20 additional free agents each team is allowed to sign, and the 12 players chosen by each team in the draft. Their was an expansion draft were the Omaha team was allowed to select 20 plates from the rosters of the other four team who were left unprotected.

The selection order of rounds 1 -6 will be determined by 2009 final record. That means the Omaha team will select first, then the Hartford team (they competed in 209 as the New York Sentinels and were 0-6), then the Sacramento franchise (who competed in 2009 as the California Redwoods and went 2-4), then the Florida Tuskers whose only loss was in last year’s UFL championship game, and finally the Las Vegas team who won the inaugural UFL Championship. There will be a five minute time limit for picks in this round.

Rounds 7-12 will be determined by a waiver system were each team will get the first pick in each round. Hartford gets that honor twice as they will pick first in round 7 and 12. The time limit to make picks in these rounds will be three minutes.

Expect the teams to draft regional players that will help the sell tickets, and players from the lower tiers of football. Former and current arena league players, undrafted NFL Free Agents, and possible a few former NFL players as well. The league plans to use its growing social networking platforms to announce the results of each round of the draft. Updates will be posted on the UFL official site, Facebook and Twitter.

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