New Las Vegas Locos logo debuts by accident

So apparently someone who works within the front office for the Las Vegas Locos made a mistake. He sent an email to a season ticket holder saying a couple of things that are not accurate and included a image of the Locos logo for season two of the United Football League. While that sounds bad for the upstart league, I think we can make a pretty effective argument that this is actually a positive.

The fan in question immediately posted the email and the logo to the UFL fan site Now this league is trying to brand itself as the most fan friendly league out there. There motto is it is all about you. Due to the level of instant awareness this has brought, it seems that this league has a huge following of fans on the internet and the should help them sell more tickets in year two.

Now let us deal with the logo itself. I recently gave this league high marks for its Hartford Colonials new design, and that will continue now. The Locos keep the essence of their logo from year one, but added the Las Vegas and changed the colors to red. I sincerly hope that their jerseys will be red as well as their bright blue ones from 2009 were very hard to watch on TV and on the internet.

In my mind this is a great evolution of a pretty good logo. I liked the logo from last year, and like this one a heck of a lot more. Even my wife who hates all things football (since it dominates my time each day) said that this is a good logo and step in the right direction for this team and league.

United Football League