Hartford Colonials get their new logo

They are the New York Sentinels no more. They have relocated from NYC to Hartford Conn. and been rebranded as the Colonials. Earlier this week The United Football League debuted their new logo and color scheme. While we await the debut of their uniforms, I think all of us UFL fans can be thankful the days of the neon uniforms in this league appear to be over.

I was actually a pretty big fan of the black and green colors of the old Sentinels of 2009, but Navy blue and Gold with light blue highlights seems to work very well. On top of hat these uniforms are sure to show up on my TV better, and be easier on my eyes when I watch the games on my laptop. Last year the colors were just to bright for the teams not named the Sentinels, and they were so similar at times it was hard to distinguish who was who.

I really think this league learned a valuable lesson about its uniforms last year. They were simply too bright and to uniform. While I liked the black and green of this team, I think I like this scheme a whole lot better. Besides a black themed team is sure to be coming as we now wait for the Omaha Nighthawks logo and color scheme to debut.

For fans of the UFL we should also be thankful that this league has finally started to make moves that make a whole lot of sense. The decision to move from markets where the NFL had a presence is a good one, the decision to rebrand some of the teams now appears to be a good one, and somebody really did their homework on this logo. It is very visually pleasing, and should help this league grow in the future.

United Football League