Internet adopts Google Pac-Man forever

You know how Google put a Pac-Man doodle on the homepage Friday and like no one got anything done because it was super fun to play with?

Apparently everyone dug the feature pretty hard because Google blogged that they’re keeping the interactive doodle:

We’ve been overwhelmed — but not surprised :) — by the success of our 30th anniversary PAC-MAN doodle. Due to popular demand, we’re making the game permanently available

Thanks to NAMCO for helping to make this wonderful collaboration happen. Enjoy!

Google introduced the popular doodle Friday in honor of Pac-Man‘s 30th birthday. The game was introduced in 1980, and has remained a big part of gaming culture ever since. (80s kids might remember the ensuing cartoons and cereals tied to the game’s popularity.) Twitter and tech blogs lit up at the dinky Google simulator this weekend, and although you can play Pac-Man numerous places on the web, the in-browser method really seems to have struck a chord. Are you moving your bookmarks?