Twitter staking claim on ad revenue – blocks 3rd party ad platforms

Say good bye to, Magpie, and Sponsored Tweets. They’ve just been dealt a deathblow by Twitter in one of the longest posts I have seen yet on the official Twitter blog.

With a lot of talk about clarity for developers, long-term health and network value, and responsibility to maintaining an open network the killer paragraph comes in during the section titled Ecosystem Clarity.

As our primary concern is the long-term health and value of the network, we have and will continue to forgo near-term revenue opportunities in the service of carefully metering the impact of Promoted Tweets on the user experience. It is critical that the core experience of real-time introductions and information is protected for the user and with an eye toward long-term success for all advertisers, users and the Twitter ecosystem. For this reason, aside from Promoted Tweets, we will not allow any third party to inject paid tweets into a timeline on any service that leverages the Twitter API. We are updating our Terms of Service to articulate clearly what we mean by this statement, and we encourage you to read the updated API Terms of Service to be released shortly.

Apparently the two reasons for this decision are this: third party ads do not preserve the unique user experience that Twitter has created, and a lasting advertising network is one that benefits should be innovation not near term monetization.

This is a developing story and one you can be sure will be ripping through the whole blogosphere today.

thanks to Zee at The Next Web for the lead.