Big names set to join UFL in season two

For the UFL to be a viable football product, they are going to have to get football stars that are on their way up, IE guys who went undrafted by the NFL. They will also have to pick up name guys from the NFL, who may not fit in that league anymore, but have all the chance to be productive players in the upstart league. News is breaking this week about two such players. The first is Ahman Green, who had many a productive season with the Green Bay Packers, who seems willing to try out for his home state Omaha Nighthawks. The second is Andre Dixon who went undrafted in 2010 due to a drunken driving arrest and injury, but may be willing to start his pro career in the new league.

Green was once one of the best RB’s in the NFL. He is now 32 years old and may be a tad too old for a NFL team. However he could bring a big boost to the UFL’s Omaha franchise since he went to school in Nebraska and has a lot of ties to that area of the country. While he may be a step to slow to compete in the NFL, he should fit nicely in the UFL. He is actively lobbying for a position on the team, and has even indicated he would be willing to try out for them.

Dixon on the other hand is looking for an opportunity to prove he is a fine football player. He went undrafted, and worked out for the New York Giants but left that workout without an undrafted free agent contract. Dixon went to UCONN and would be a tremendous get for the Hartford Colonial who will play their home games on their campus. Dixon needs to prove he can stay out of trouble and produce for a football team. If he does that he surely will end up in the NFL one day.

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