Who will be the starting QB for the Arizona Cardinals in 2010?

It seems that the Arizona Cardinals do not feel very comfortable with passing control of their offense from Kurt Warner to Matt Leinart or the recently acquired Derek Anderson. It seems neither QB has stepped up in any significant way during recent mini camps, and the team may be in the market to find a veteran QB to come in and take over the offense. Now if that happens the Cardinals should do the right thing and move Leinart to a new situation, and allow the pieces to fall where they may.

There are not a lot of veteran free agent QB’s out there to pick from. The leading contender would certainly have to be Marc Bulger, who struggled in 2009 but was once a pretty good QB. Of course there is the laughable consideration of Jamarcus Russell which would be more of what the Cardinals already have, a QB unable to effectively run the offense. Other than Bulger the picking for free agent QB’s are pretty slim, of course that will change come training camp.

They did draft John Skelton out of Fordham, and he seems to be the kind of player who could thrive in their wide open offensive attack, but there seems to be little chance they will turn the offense over to him. Skelton needs a year or two to develop and learn the NFL game. However, many argue that the best way for a QB to learn is to get out there and play.

Whatever the case may be, if Leinart is not the guy to lead the Cardinals in 2010 it is that time for him to move onto another team. He has never given them, the performance they expect, and some would argue that they have never fully gotten behind him. The simple fact here is he does not seem to be the fit they want and/or need.

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