Google’s awesome tribute to Pac-Man

My first thought on seeing Pac-Man incorporated into Google’s logo this morning: “Ah, cute.” Then the game’s music started up, and then HOLY CRAP I CAN CONTROL THIS.

That’s right: the latest Google Doodle contains a fully playable Flash game of Pac-Man, controllable with the arrow keys. And that’s not all: the usual “I’m Feeling Lucky” button now reads “Insert Coin”. Hit that, and you can get a two-player game going with Ms. Pac-Man also in the maze! The W, A, S, and D buttons move her. Google, you win.

If you’re wondering what all this fuss is about, the famous yellow dot-muncher turns 30 tomorrow. But here’s a question I’d like the answer to: is this the first ever interactive Google Doodle? I’m honestly not sure, though I think it could be!