Google Android Web Traffic Sees Drastic Increase

Google Android phones are shipping out at incredible rates lately (65,000 units a day) and with those numbers Google ad impression stock appears to be rising. While the company is still no where near the 62 percent of mobile impressions offered by Apple’s iPhone line of devices, they have managed to rather quickly jump into the third spot with 10 percent of all impressions.

It’s more bad news for Apple when we realize they’ve seen an 8 percent decline in their overall ad impressions, compared to an Android increase of 77 percent over the same time period. According to Elecronista, since January Android has seen a 282 percent increase in ad impressions.

Google Android isn’t just helping Google, phone manufacturer HTC has jumped into the top five manufacturers with a 2.5 percent increase in ad impressions month-over-month, even older models such as the MyTouch and G1 have seen increases despite their market age.