Google Android “Froyo” Brings “Over The Air” Installations, iTunes Streaming

Two new features announced for Google Android “Froyo” today are sure to please even the most discerning mobile user. The first option, Over The Air application installations is one of the coolest features we’ve seen in a while for mobile phone operating systems, while OTA music downloading and streaming is also being shown off.

The first feature, over the air application installation works by choosing apps from your desktop and the pushing them out to your device over the air with a single button, single click installation once they’ve arrived.

Google also showed off music being transferred from the Android Marketplace in the same OTA manner, proving that the company is working towards higher end music integration services.

Google Android Froyo is also bringing remote music streaming using a program by Simplify Media. The program utilizes desktop software which can stream all your music directly from iTunes to your Google Android device.

According to Engadget all you have to do is:

“open the app and push “all,” and all your music is instantly available.”

It’s pretty cool how quickly Google keeps increasing the abilities of their Mobile OS, I for one can’t wait to play with Froyo in it’s entirety.