People Already Talking SATC Sequel

OMFG, let it rest already. There are already Sex and the City sequel discussions in the works and the weekend hasn’t even wrapped up yet! Granted, the film sold $26.9 million worth of tickets on Friday across the U.S. and Canada, but let’s ride this one out (preferably whilst not dressed up in ridiculous garb).

However, the successful, sell-out weekend still might jump start talks of a second SATC film– no matter how much I protest– and Kristen Davis already expressed interest (sorta) at the end of the week. Kristin hinted that “You never know” if we’ll be treated to a Round 2, but followed it up by saying “If Michael [Patrick King] writes something else for me, I’ll want to be a part of it.”

I have to get to the theatres immediately. I’ve been dodging the spoilers all day and it’s too much to bear.

Image: Alastair Grant/Associated Press