What to do with Hanley Ramirez?

By now everyone reading this has seen the play of Florida Marlins SS Hanley Ramirez dogging it on a play where he accidentally kicked a ball into left field. While his dogging of the play it is not the thing that concerns me the most. What concerns me the most is how he acted afterwards when he essentially forced Marlins Manager Fredi Gonzales to pull him from a game, and sit him Tuesday night since the 26 year old has failed to learn his lesson.

What we have here is a guy who came into the league at a very young age, had immediate success, and was the lone, all star standing after Florida purged their roster. That put him into the role of a team leader and face of the franchise, and that is clearly not a role he is very comfortable with. It seems that he would do far better on a team where he was not the star, and had older veterans to help him find his way.

I don’t see how the team can keep Hanley on the roster after all this. It is bad enough that he dogged it on a ply, but saying he had no respect for his manager, because he never played in the big leagues is inexcusable. There is no place in baseball for guys with that kind of disrespect.

It seems now that the Marlins will have to find a way to trade one of their best players, and that team better be sure he fits into their clubhouse and has a few veterans that can help keep Hanley in line. If not this situation is likely to get a whole lot worse.

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