Halo: Reach beta period extended by a day

If you’ve still not had enough of the ongoing Halo: Reach beta, then good news! Bungie has revealed that the beta period will be extended by an extra day, meaning “official plans as of now are to turn off the Reach beta on Thursday, 5/20 at 10AM PDT.”

The extension is perhaps understandable, due to the beta’s high popularity: according to Bungie’s own figures, the Reach beta attracted more participants in a single day than the Halo 3 beta managed in the 21 days it was available.

On the first day alone, fact fans, there were 157 million kills. That’s a lot of murder. And now you can have more murder. An extra day’s worth. Who wouldn’t want that?

But what are you still reading for? Go! Play! Maim! Kill! Teabag!

[Via Joystiq]