Culpepper to reunite with Coach Green in the UFL

Daunte Culpepper no longer has the skills to be a NFL starting QB. He still thinks that he can play, and it now looks like he will reunite with his former head coach in the UFL and start for the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League. A reunion with Dennis green, who coached Culpepper in Minnesota, makes a lot of sense. It is also a pretty good thing for the league, their fans, and probably for Culpepper himself.

The UFL needs name players to keep their fans interested, and Culpepper is certainly a name. They can also use his name recognition to help bring in new fans, and help the Mountain Lions establish their team identity. They did compete in the 2009 UFL season, but as the California Redwoods, since they only won two games it seems they are hungry to build their team identity in their new city of Sacramento.

At one point Culpepper was a great NFL QB, and at the helm of a high power offense. Of course that was before a major knee surgery, and while he may not have the skills left to compete at the NFL, I predict he will do just fine in the UFL. Culpepper has the attitude of a starting QB; it is why he was never going to be happy as the backup for the Detroit Lions or nay other NFL team. Moving to the UFL where he will still be considered a legitimate starting QB is probably the best move for him personally.