[RUMOR] Sony PSP2 has touch screen, two cameras, is “f***ing powerful”

If the Nintendo DS/Sony PSP battle showed us anything, it’s that the most technically powerful games console doesn’t always win. Hence, Sony is making the rumored PSP2 REALLY FREAKING POWERFUL. Er, right.

UK news site VG247 contacted “multiple British sources” about the as-yet-unannounced PSP2, and came away armed with juicy facts galore. Amongst these gems are the following:

* PSP2 has two cameras. As with the Nintendo DSi, one faces forward and the other backwards, towards the user.
* The new handheld will boast a touch-screen, while also keeping the usual PlayStation buttons.
* PSP2 is expected to launch in 2011.
* Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) concerning the PSP2 were issued to publishers and developers “many months” ago.
* VG247 was told by one of its moles that the PSP2 platform is “f***ing powerful” – apparently it has a “four-core Cell CPU.” This is really great, apparently; to put it in perspective, the PlayStation 3 has an eight-core version of the same CPU.

If true, WOOOO!

[Via VG247]