It seems Hooters has a weight restriction and we’re not talking about the wings [Video]

Hooters, the restaurant that feminists love to hate which puts it on my lists of places to go to before I die, apparently has some previously unknown restrictions for its female staff.

According to Hooters employee Cassie Smith, who weighs in at 132 pounds and stands five foot eight inches, she has been put on weight probation by her bosses. Yup it seems that if she doesn’t lose enough weight within 30 days Cassie could lose her job.

“These women proceeded to explain to me that I had 30 days and they would give me a free gym membership, and if I didn’t improve within those 30 days I would be separated from the company. If I improved a little bit I would get 30 more days, and if I improved completely they would leave me alone,” Smith said.

I was horrified. I was completely heartbroken. I was humiliated.”

Source: PopCrunch

Cassie has hired a lawyer with an eye to a possible weight discrimination lawsuit against Hooters.