Apple: Cash? We don’t want your stinkin’ cash [Video]

Oh Apple you are so cute in your arrogance sometimes. From your artsy-fartsy design is everything background to your ever so cool stores you have imbued a sense of being above all those common man necessities of life. You know … things like cash … real money … greenbacks.

At least this is what one woman found out when she went to the Palo Alto Apple store to try an buy an iPad.

Diane Campbell can play a few songs on her guitar, but she wants to learn a few more. All she has to do, she says, is go online and download some instructions.

“Different YouTube videos where people would go online and play their music, and kind of break it down into pieces,” she said describing her method.

Being disabled and on a fixed income, Campbell held off on buying a computer until the Apple iPad came along. It was small, mobile and perfect for her needs. So, little by little she saved up the $600 she needed to get one.

“It took quite a long time for me to just save up this small amount of money to go down and purchase one,” she said. “I had my cash in the backpack and I went up proudly to the counter and told them, ‘I would like to purchase an iPad.'”

She was at the Apple store in Palo Alto, about to pull out the big wad of cash and take home her first computer. Instead, she received a terrible blow.

“They said, ‘Sorry, we don’t take cash.’ And, so I looked at her and I said OK she’s kidding,” Campbell recalled.

Source:KGO-TV San Francisco

I can understand to a point why Apple might not want to take cash considering that they are doling out iPads on a two per lifetime basis and well cash really messes with being able to track our purchases in their stores. But still .. turning away a customer because they didn’t have a debit or credit card.