Seagate Confirms, 3TB Hard Drive Arriving In 2010

Seagate Senior Product Manager Barbara Craig put rumors to rest this morning, announcing that the company is currently working on a 3TB hard drive which they plan to release later this year.

We’ve learned that Seagate developers have run into a few obstacles, including a snag in which only 64-bit Operating system users can take advantage of the larger drives…sorry XP folks.

According to Seagate, they ran into a hiccup with 32-bit systems and their Logical Block Addressing (LBA) standard which was developed in the 80’s and can only support up to 2.1TB. However Windows 7 and Vista users with 64-bit systems don’t have to worry about LBA restrictions. Some modified Linux systems will also be able to take advantage of the larger drives.

Sure there may be issues, but at least Seagate is telling only premium system users they will be able to access the drives, rather than focusing on shoving information on platforms that may not be as stable for their use. Good for you Seagate. [via Thinq]