Man Ports Windows 3.11 To Nexus One, We Have No Good Reason Why [Video]

Google hasn’t been able to move many of their Google Nexus One Smartphones, but at least now they can claim to have the most pointless system porting ever. That port comes thanks to a single user who decided they simply couldn’t live without Windows 3.11 on their system.

Yes that would be the same Windows 3.11 for Workgroups that debuted in 1993 as the companies newest OS and yes the system will pretty much act as nothing more than a paperweight, but hey, it’s definitely unique.

The user even created a step-by-step installation guide, just in case you have the need to feel like you’re trapped inside some weird 8-bit universe where everyone talks a bit slower and icons make your vision feel a bit blurry.

Here’s a video of the port job: