Are big changes for the Cavaliers looming?

So a false story about Cleveland Cavaliers Head Coach Mike Brown broke today, and was quickly squashed by the team. However this is not to say everything is happy in Cavaliers land. In fact the team faces several major decisions, far beyond the free agency of two time MVP Lebron James. We could see a new coach, a new team, no more Shaq, and possibly the sale of the rest of Dan Gilbert’s stake in this club. Things could look a lot different come the next Cavaliers game.

In my mind Lebron is done in Cleveland, what I saw this week was a guy mailing it in on his way out the door. I have no idea where he will end up, but my bet right now is that he is done with the Cavs. That may significantly change the landscape for team owner Gilbert, who has already sold a significant stake in this team. His hometown Detroit Pistons appear to be for sale, and he may want to rebuild a team in his home town. Dan’s day job, IE Quicken Loans, is located in suburban Detroit and he may decide to move his NBA ownership to his home state.

I also think that Brown will not be the coach of this team for very much longer. While he did an ok job with this club he came up short and that usually means that someone is going to get fired. He did a great job defensively, but looked a bit over matched on the offensive side of the ball. To be blunt this was a team built to win Lebron a ring and keep him in town, and they came up far short of that goal.