Enough with the Facebook whining already!

I think I’m going to gag if I hear or read about yet another post about how big and bad Facebook is. Seriously.

Look I’ve said more than enough on the subject myself whether it be here or on one of my personal blogs but I have generally tried to re-frame the question over the company’s action in the proper context. However it seems that every time I turn around yet another yahoo (and not the company) is yammering on about how they are going to deactivate or nuke their account because they can’t tolerate what Facebook is doing.

Hell, there is even a website dedicated to quitting the service on May 31, 2010. then you have all the apologists for Facebook who either believe that they should just make everything public or it’s all a matter of getting the right PR in place. Ya I get the point that the web is all about being able to rant on about things that are important to you at this minute but at some point all this cacophony becomes nothing but white noise and boring as shit.

And this is what the uproar around Facebook has become – noise, pointless noise.

So rather than add to this with yet another post about how you are going to quit Facebook (which you probably won’t) why don’t you just STFU and do it. Do you really need to earn some sort of social media brownie points by broadcasting it?

The fact is that Facebook will do what it wants. The only thing that will cause it to back peddle is if gets hauled into court or before congress. Until that point it will continue to play the smoke and mirror games until some new shiny thing comes along to distract everyone’s attention.

The reality is that Facebook is too big. It has anywhere from 400 to 500 million users so as much as you might think that all this ranting is going to make a difference it won’t. They could lose 10% – which would likely be the most vocal of the trouble makers and not even blink an eye because they would make back those users in a couple of days.

You really want to have an effect? Then write your congressman, write the FCC, hell write them both. Tell them why you are upset with Facebook. Then if you are still pissed delete your account. Don’t talk about it just do it. If not then quit your whining because you have no skin in the game.

It all boils down to use Facebook or don’t use Facebook but don’t make your decision out to be some sort of badge of honor because it isn’t.

Me … I’m done with this crap.