Akon Will “Move Back to Africa” If McCain Wins

Akon’s threatening to move back to Africa, kind of like how Seal and Heidi Klum are saying they’ll leave, but with less panache because (let’s face it) he’s not as popular as he thinks. He spends way too much time attacking his own fans to get much sympathy from us, but the threat is there nonetheless:

“If he [Obama] doesn’t get into office, I’m gonna change my citizenship,” he said. “I’m moving back to Africa. You can hold me to that. I’m afraid to live there if he [McCain] is President. The decisions he makes scare me: he’s making selfish decisions, he’s doing whatever it takes to get into office.”

Akon had a few choice words on Sarah Palin in the same interview with The Guardian, commenting that “she’s definitely going to be president” because McCain won’t make it “eight years.”

Unfortunately, Akon is unable to vote due to a previous felony conviction. Perhaps that’s why he’s making up for it by being extra vocal this time, because, as The Guardian noted, he “does not have a track record of speaking out on politics.”