New Modern Warfare 2 downloadable maps get release date

The first downloadable maps for Modern Warfare 2sold by the shedload, even if it did represent the kind of value that makes baby Jesus cry. Today, we got a release date for map pack #2, with Activision revealing the ‘Resurgence Pack’ will be released for Xbox Live users on June 3.

Amazingly, it looks like Activision might have listened to the criticism the ‘Stimulus Pack’ received for its high price point (1200 Microsoft Points, or around $12). Pricing for the Resurgence Pack hasn’t been announced, but it will contain five new maps, rather than three new maps and two reskinned arenas. None of the five new maps are named yet.

The Stimulus Package was exclusively available on Xbox Live for 30 days – expect the Resurgence Pack to follow that example and follow later on PC and PS3.

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[Via press release]