2010 NFL Draft review: Buffalo Bills

I could be really harsh on the Bills, for not building their team the way draft pundits expected them too, or how many of their fans might have wanted them to. Instead of doing that I am going to judge them based on their front office plan, and on the fact that they reached for a nose tackle. They want a team that can run the ball, and a defense that is tough against the run. On the surface they drafted guys to do just that. We can criticize them for draft CJ Spiller who will join a crowded backfield and how far they reached for Torrell Troup in the second round.

However all that is only part of the story. We would expect Marshawn Lynch to be traded away, and Troup is very agile and strong and one of the best prospects in this draft at the point of attack. Maybe all this works out. If Lynch is traded away for another position of need , and Troup turns into a valuable Nose Tackle this draft class a heck of a lot better. If not this may be yet another reason this team moves to Toronto.

With all that being said let us look at the initial grades for the 2010 Buffalo Bills Draft Class:

•Need: B, I think they needed a new QB instead of another RB
•Talent: B-, Spiller is a star, but I have big questions about the rest of them
Round One: A, Spiller looks like the real deal
Round Two: D, Troup did not even get a round grade from the Sporting News, which means they did not feel he would be drafted
•Average: B-

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