[VIDEO] I don’t get it: Analog Tetris

Analog Tetris is Tetris minus the fun and dangerous addiction levels. In a nutshell, some dude slides tetrad pieces down a sloping board while the player tries to arrange them in a suitable formation.

Obviously, lines don’t actually disappear when you finish them, so you’re always going to lose. Yeah, I’m as baffled as you. Here’s maker CODECO to explain things:

Video games are present in our lives for diversion, just like TV and computer games. But they are games which limit exercise activity to our retinas, fingers, hands, and brains. CODECO proposes that we take one of the most recognized of these games to the level of exercising muscles as well.

… Right. So essentially this is Tetris as a physical workout. Rather a tame workout if this video is anything to go by (head to 1:00 to get the good stuff):

[Via Walyou]