2010 NFL Draft review: Oakland Raiders

While I think Al Davis surprised us in a good way with this draft class, I am still not totally sold on it. Most of that is my lack of faith in Head Coach Tom Cable. Sure maybe he struck the mother load with Jared Veldheer and Bruce Campbell, or maybe this is yet another terrible Raider move in the draft. Tom use to be a line coach, and has shown a knack for finding guys who fit his system, but since they did not select a QB in this draft its success may well hinge on how these two OT prospects work out.

Sure the 8th overall pick is a great one, and the hope is Rolando McClain can step in and shore up a leaky run defense. I also am a pretty big fan of taking a DT in Round Two to further cement the defense. Lamarr Houston is a fine prospect and should help shore up the Raiders defensive line. However at the end of the day Jason Campbell is still the starting QB and I am not sold on that at all. We shall see, for now let us look at the 2010 Raiders draft class’ initial grades:

•Need- A, they went out and added players where the needed besides at QB
•Talent- A, McClain is solid, Houston is solid, and the rest our projects but highly thought of
Round One– A, McClain should be a force in the middle of this defense for years to come
Round Two– B, Houston can play both End and Tackle but he is a better tackle, the Raiders plan to use him at end
•Average- A-, we cannot snicker at Al Davis this off season

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