iPad’s Get Some HyperMac Lovin, Up To 99 Extra Hours Of Use

HyperMac is one of the best “extra juice” options for Apple devices and now we’ve come to learn that four new options are being offered for the Apple iPad series of devices, options which can boost battery performance anywhere from 34 to 99 hours.

As Gizmodo points out, the 22Wh HyperMac option would allow iPad users to watch every episode of Lost from start to finish on a single charge, perfect for those 20 hour flights overseas or during a power outage.

If you don’t need 22Wh power you can also pick up 150Wh, 100Wh and 60Wh options. If you own a MacBook you can also use the device to power your laptop.

The cost? $169 (60Wh), $269 (100Wh), $369 (150Wh) and the 99 hour units for $469 (222Wh).

The new units start shipping in 2 weeks. [HyperMac]