12 Awesome science fiction wallpapers for Wallpaper Sunday

Okay I admit it.

I have a weakness for science fiction so when I see a great collection of desktop wallpapers that are really good science fiction images I just have to share. These 12 are a part of a larger collection pulled together by the team at Creative Fan so if you want to see even more just head over to their site afterwards.

Top image – 300 Halo Spartans by CrimsonFury74

Compositing by Krodil

Red Star Cheese

Eternal Life Energy II by ev-one

Bee Bot by manicho

Il Mio Amore

Mac Egg by krodil

Space Cat

Espirit Libre by loth

Looking Towards Home by Gate to Nowhere

Vector ex Machina by crisvector

CG Deep by webst3r

Area 51