The UFL names it’s Omaha franchise

The final piece of the 2010 UFL puzzle has come together as the league’s fifth team has its new nickname. The nickname picked by the fans of the team and the league is Nighthawks. A nighthawk is a bird native to the Omaha region that comes out and night and eats insects. It is also the nickname of the US Air Force’s F-117 Stealth Fighter made famous in Panama and the first Gulf War. Head Coach Jeff Jagodzinski has already plastered a picture of the war plane on his laptop background, and is ready to help the UFL build the brand for this new team.

While we now know the names of all five UFL teams, we are still waiting for new logos and color schemes to make their debut. Apparently the Nighthawks will feature all mostly black uniform and helmet, which makes, sense since the New York Sentinels were the black schemed UFL team last year, but will likely take on a more red, white, and blue theme in their new incarnation as the Hartford Colonials.

As we wait for the logos of the Colonials, Sacramento Mountain Lions, and Nighthawks to debut the UFL will move onto the hiring of coaches, the allocation of players, and the announcement of TV schedules and the like for the 2010 season. With that being said the Nighthawks is my favorite nickname of the three new UFL nicknames. Now we must hope that the UFL alters those goofy, bright uniforms from their debut season.