The next gazillion-seller on Wii is Wii Party

In the beginning, there was Wii Sports, and God Nintendo saw that it was good sold craploads. That led to Wii Play and Wii Fit, which also sold in massive numbers. After that, there was Wii Music, which was a bit rubbish and didn’t sell very well.

The point being: Wii Something games mostly sell a lot of copies. So look, here’s another one: Wii Party.

Nintendo announced Wii Party earlier today, and you already know the Wii’s audience will be queuing several times around the block for this. A “marquee party game for Wii,” Wii Party will let you use your own Mii in a series of party minigames, with Nintendo promising there’ll be a game in the collection that “every Wii owner can enjoy.”

Serious gamers may not be that interested, but the party game genre has already done well for Nintendo. 2007’s Mario Party 8 has sold 7.6 million copies worldwide, and you can expect this to give the Wii an even more significant boost.

According to recent sales data, Nintendo’s flagship console could do with a hand.

[Via Nintendo]