Yes the iPad is coming to Canada on May 28th [Prices]

So we have all heard the news – the iPad begins shipping internationally on May 28 to the following countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, and the U.K.

As a result the pricing of the magical, life-changing device has started to show up in advance of the pre-order window opening up on May 10. James posted earlier about the prices that the Aussies can expect to face and I am here to let my fellow Canadians know just how badly their wallet is going to get hit.

According to Kris Abel (CTV tech blogger) our prices will look something like this:

Wi-Fi models

16 GB – $549 CAD

32 GB – $649 CAD

64 GB – $749 CAD

Wi-Fi + 3G

16 GB – $679 CAD

32 GB – $779 CAD

64 GB – $879 CAD

When compared to the American prices it seems that we are only being jacked for an additional $50.00 across the board which is a little better than our Aussie counterparts who are looking at about a $130 difference.

I know one thing for sure – I won’t won’t be lining up anytime soon to be buying one.