Two dead in Chicago Old Navy murder-suicide

Two people died in what police say was a murder-suicide at a downtown Chicago Old Navy store.

Shoppers and employees streamed out of the store on North State Street in the city’s Loop district after police say a male gunman shot a female Old Navy employee before turning the gun on himself. The scene outside was one of panic and horror:

“He just came in and got her, shot her,” a shocked employee standing outside the store on State Street said.

“Oh my god, I just talked to her this morning. I just talked to her,” another employee wailed.

28-year-old Colin Taylor said the aftermath was unlike anything he’d ever seen:

“Just a wave of people came running across on a red light,” Taylor said. “A few were definitely in tears, very shaken up. That’s the quickest police response I’ve seen in my entire life. They seemed like they were swarming in three minutes.”

The names of the two people killed have not been released, but police say the two were believed to have dated and would only confirm the dead were “in their 20s.” The shooting occurred at just after 11 AM local time in the basement, an employees-only area of the store.