Kin Starts Online Sales Tomorrow, Verizon Stores Get Shipment Next Week

The Kin hasn’t taken long to go from announcement to reality, with Verizon announcing that the Kine One and Kin Two units will start selling tomorrow (May 6) with an in-store date of May 13th expected.

The Kin One will sell for $49.99 with the Kin Two priced $50 higher at $99.99. Both prices included a two year contract with the nation’s largest cellular carrier.

Keep in mind you’ll have to pony up $100 more upfront and wait for that pesky mail-in-rebate to arrive, which will come in the form of a debit card…yeah I agree, totally annoying.

Make sure you’re also prepared to throw in another $29.99 for an unlimited Email and Web for Smartphone plan.

Happy hunting and let us know what you think if you happen to pick up either one of these devices. [Engadget]