Don’t bother going anywhere, people, Foursquare is down

Quick, someone call the Foursquare cops!

You can put the pants down and step away from the Metrocard, Foursquare users, as for the time being, you won’t be able to check-in anywhere on Foursquare. Your morning Americano, commute stop and arrival at your office will all be lost to the annals of time because Foursquare is currently displaying the “pouty princess.” (Did Mashable just coin that term?)

The official @foursquare account as been silent thus far about the reasons behind the outage (that seems to have begun at least four hours ago) but scattered Twitter reports seem to indicate that the service has been inaccessible across the board. As a user of Foursquare, I know there have been a few times where check-ins have timed out and it seems the service is indeed down (I’ve always blamed AT&T for sucky iPhone coverage) but has anyone seen this wee girl on their Foursquare web login pages before? Have you experienced a Foursquare outage, and if so, is this the longest so far the service has been down?