Latest pointless Twitter stat: African Americans LOVE Twitter

I guess it is to be expected but I for one am getting really sick and tired of all these studies that pop up around Twitter spouting off who it is popular with this group of people, stupid to another group, or dangerous to kiddies of all ages. However far be it from us here at The Inquisitr to prejudge the validity of suck moronic studies much like the newest one from Edison Research titled: Twitter Usage in America.

The big buzz out of this study; that used 1,753 Americans as its baseline, is that African Americans love Twitter or at least 24 percent of them do.


Are you impressed?

Well how about a couple of these little tidbits:

  • 87 percent of Americans are aware of Twitter (in contrast to Facebook’s 88 percent)
  • 7 percent (17 million) actively use Twitter (in contrast to 41 percent who maintain a Facebook profile)
  • 47 percent of regular users of Twitter update their status messages
  • 51 percent of active Twitter users follow brands, companies or products.

Like I said – pointless but hey at least you are informed, right?

hat tip to The Wrap