'RHONJ' Melissa Gorga Says She & Husband Don't Talk To Joe Giudice

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga revealed in a new interview with People that she and her husband Joe do not keep in contact with their former brother-in-law, Joe Giudice.

The relationship between the once-close family members has splintered since Giudice was arrested on mail, wire and fraud charges in 2014. He and his then-wife Teresa both served jail time. She was sentenced to 15 months and Giudice was released after 41 months. 

Their sentences ran one right after the other so one parent would remain at home to raise their four daughters, Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audrianna.

'We Don't Talk' 

"We have no relationship with him," she said to People. "We don't talk."

Melissa revealed that it has been easier to end their relationship since Giudice was extradited to his home country of Italy following his release from prison. 

He was released from Allenwood Low Federal Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania in 2018. Giudice then served seven months in the custody of ICE before he was deported back to his homeland. 

Although Giudice had lived in America since childhood, he never obtained American citizenship, 

Melissa's Husband & Giudice Bumped Heads For Years

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Melissa said that Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga had bumped heads "forever." She felt like there was no point to keep the relationship going. "It's easier to keep the peace from a distance," she explained.

Real Housewives of New Jersey will feature some current conflicts between the men this season. In a trailer seen here,  Her husband learned his former brother-in-law was speaking poorly about him in the press. 

Reportedly, Guidice claimed to know things about Gorga's business and marriage that would paint him in the wrong light. Joe loses his temper at his sister Teresa during a family dinner. He criticized her for defending her ex and said other things that threatened to ruin the siblings' relationship.


Melissa Wishes Giudice Well

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"I wish him well, I know his daughters love him so much and I wish him well," she said to People. "But we really just don't have a relationship."

Melissa recently spoke about Teresa, with whom she remains close, in an interview with Page Six

She said she was happy Teresa was able to find love again with her new beau Luis “Louie” Ruelas. “He seems like a nice guy,” she said. “I mean, it’s the beginning. You always want to be careful with new people coming in; you never know. But he does seem like a nice guy.”


'I Want Teresa & The Girls To Be Happy!'

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In the same Page Six interview, Melisssa said that Teresa had been unhappy for a long time before meeting Louie. She claimed if she was happy then their family was happy. The RHONJ star said prior to this new relationship Teresa had “a long time of just misery.”

Throughout this season, fans of the franchise will see Teresa experience life as a single woman. She will reportedly be very flirtatious. This caused Melissa to claim that she wants to "flirt with everybody who walks past her!"