Amy Winehouse Goes to Hospital to “Make Sure Nothing Else Was Wrong”

I’m assuming that this is besides her scary skinniness, possible bad eating habits, and her barely-recovered-from (if that) addictions?

Amy Winehouse checked back into the hospital for what an insider said was an appointment regarding her last chest infection and “to make sure nothing else was wrong.”

Since Amy was diagnosed with lung scarring this year, we’ll have to see how her newest album turns out. At least she’s making an effort to stay functional: Amy’s supposedly working on quitting smoking and “was covered in nicotine patches at one point,” so that’s a start. Unfortunately, she is recording her album at home, which means her new work runs the risk of sounding like her awesomely bad “jam sessions” of late.

I’m rooting for Amy, and I’m just glad that she still has her nose. The more doctor appointments, the better.