Bye Bye LaLa, Apple Closes Online Streaming Service

5 months ago Apple purchased online music streaming service LaLa, now the company has announced that on May 31st the service will be closed to new users and that they will stop accepting payments for web-only songs effectively immediately.

According to Apple, customers can still buy MP3 copies and will get iTunes store credit if they have a positive balance on their LaLa account.

The closure isn’t really a surprise, from the time the site was purchased it was expected Apple would close the service, with rumors being floated that an online iTunes locker could be created that would allow Apple handheld users and possibly computer users to stream their own uploaded music from any device or web browser.

Only time will tell if this talent buy will be to Apple’s benefit, personally I love the LaLa service, so hopefully the company manages to use the firms technology to develop even more streaming capabilities for Apple’s own platforms.

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