2010 NFL draft review: Washington Redskins

I am not very sold on what this team did in this draft. Sure we have to consider that they used their second round pick to trade for QB Donovan McNabb, but I am not sold on that move either. I see this has a big recipe for failure. It is going to take t his team a lot longer to rebuild and they will have to do a better job in the draft then this to expedite the process. They failed to address their needs outside offensive lineman, and I don’t see how the offense is going to work even with McNabb at the helm.

In the first round, they took Trent Williams and that was a no brainer, the Skins O line in 2009 was as bad as a NFL O line could be. They added bodies to the mix in round seven, and I actually like those moves. In the 4th round they took LB Perry Riley since they will need bodies to fill out their new 3-4 defense. However Riley seems like a depth player to me, not a guy who is going to come in and make an immediate impact. Their other picks don’t seem to make a heck of a lot of sense given the needs of this club. While I understand in can all not be fixed in one draft, it doesn’t appear anything outside the O line was addressed in this draft.

Here is their grade broken down:

•Talent- B-, Selvish Capers was a steal in the seventh round
•Need- B-, They addressed the O line, but not much else
•Round One- B-, he is a kid that has motivation problems, that is risky
•Average- B-, I am being very generous with this one, but I could be wrong.