Video: ‘Good Day New York’ anchor Rosanna Scotto gets raunchy on air

Thanks to the magic of the internet, cognitive errors or a short window for thinking over a comment result in viral videos we can enjoy for years to come.

Not too long ago, fellow New York metro Fox anchor Ernie Anastos got some widespread internet fame for embarrassingly telling co-anchor Nick Gregory to “keep f***ing that chicken.” NBC anchor Sue Simmons dropped a memorable f-bomb during a local broadcast back in 2008. And now another Fox anchor has suffered an embarrassing verbal slip-up that will live in infamy on the internet.

Unlike Anastos and Simmons, however, Rosanna Scotto’s snafu during this morning’s broadcast seemed to be just a case of not realizing the word was offensive. In an on-camera discussion about the nomenclature for soy milk, Scotto used a somewhat blue term for ejaculatory fluid as a suggestion for what to call the substance. You can watch the whole mortifying incident in the clip below.

New York anchors aren’t the only ones to screw up on screen- remember the reporter on a local news segment who laughed uncontrollably when describing a brutal murder?