Jessica Rabbit lookalike Annette Edwards has world’s largest rabbit

A woman who made headlines for a £10,000 quest to resemble 80s cartoon heroine Jessica Rabbit has made rabbit-related news again, this time for breeding the world’s largest bunny.

The animal, a 65 lb beast that’s over four feet tall, is pictured above with a six year old girl. He’s expected to grow for another six months, and according to the Daily Mail, he eats six apples, a dozen carrots and two cabbage heads a day. Darius beats out former record holder and massive rabbit Alice, who weighs in roughly the same amount but is shorter.

Edwards says that spoiling the bunnies is what she believes is responsible for their record growth:

‘I only measured him this weekend and that was when I realised he was much bigger than Alice, who is the current record holder.

‘People ask me what my secret is, but there really isn’t one other than treating them very well.

Annette Edwards has been featured in the Daily Mail before– back in December, the paper covered Edwards (a well-known rabbit breeder) and her expensive plastic surgeries mentioned above. The picture below shows Edwards in full Jessica Rabbit garb.