Mercenary firm offers to watch you while you vote

While Blackwater maybe the most recognized name when it comes to mercenary security contracting firms but they definitely aren’t alone and it looks like one; Evergreen, is looking for new business this voting season. According to Oregon’s News Register Evergreen president Tom Wiggins believes there could be potential conflict that could occur on November 4th. Citing that there has never been a more heated battle in the race for president he sent an e-mail to local election supervisors in Oregon with a sale’s pitch

The company, he said, ‘proposes to post sentries at each voting center on November 4th to assure that disputes amongst citizens do not get out of control. All guards will be unarmed, but capable of stopping any violence that may occur and detaining troublemakers until law enforcement arrives.’

So, a company with strong ties to the American military and with experience in the Middle East and the jungles of South America now wants to help a local government stand guard against rabble rousers at the local polling station. The interesting thing is that Oregon is a vote by mail state where residents only have to return their ballots to the polling stations by 8PM on November 4th. It is kind of hard to see how that could turn into such a rowdy mess that your would need mercenary hired security firms to keep any kind of peace.

Thank goodnes that someone over there in that dangerous state full of rabble rowsers told Evergreen what they could do with the offer.